Private Lessons
30 minutes - best for young, beginning students
45 minutes
1 hour
Your tuition covers the private lesson, music lab, and group piano classes. Tuition varies depending upon length and type of lesson.  Tuition payments are divided evenly over the year, May -June.  Tuition includes a subscription to, which can be utilized at home.  Invoices are sent by e-mail monthly and Pay Pal is available.  There is a $10.00 late fee for payments made past the 5th . Books and fees are extra, as are fees for participation in festivals or contests.
Cancellations and Make-ups
Tuition is based on enrollment, not attendance. I offer make-ups as a courtesy when possible, not an obligation. Make-up lessons are not available for cancellations less than 24 hours in advance or no-shows.   Should I need to cancel a lesson, I will arrange a make-up or credit.***
Studio Environment
Please arrange your schedule so that you and your child will arrive on time.   I make every attempt to start lessons at the appointed time.   Should you arrive late for a lesson, we must still end the lesson at the original ending time, unless my schedule allows me to extend it.   Do not bring your child early and leave.  Should you arrive early, please wait in the car or on the porch with your child until their lesson time.  Feedback from parents is always welcomed and encouraged!!    Bring all the necessary materials: notebook and all repertoire books. Tote bags are handy for keeping everything in one place.
You are free to park in two areas: my front driveway or on the side of my house by the road on Avenue C.   Please do not park by the road near the mailbox.
Explanation and Expectation
Private music lessons are a process between teacher, parent, and student in which the student's musical goals and the teacher's recommended goals are addressed together in an attempt to create a life-long learner of music.  Curriculum is based for each student depending upon his or her musical needs, musical interests, and motivational level. 
Summer Lessons
Summer lessons allow students to progress further and get ahead in their study without the restraints of school or other activities. Students may take three summer lessons or pay the equivalent as registration for the fall.  Unreserved and unpaid slots of students will be considered available should new students inquire about lessons over the summer months and current students requesting the time slot.
Stephanie James Hoffpauir