Stephanie's "Flexible Friday" program is perfect for my busy teens. When one of those frustrating sports schedule changes arises I simply log on and reschedule using the online calendar....LOVE IT!          Susan Abdella, parent
One thing I would tell others asking about lessons with Stephanie is she makes learning fun. She doesn’t just teach it, she has a real passion for it.   She both challenges my child as well as lets her have fun and enjoy the learning process.  Amy Cresanti, parent of student
Lessons with Mrs. Stephanie are awesome. She works with me one on one and I never feel rushed or pressured.   Elisabeth Boyer, student
I chose lessons with Stephanie because it was apparent to me from the first time I met her that her love for music was unwavering. Her enthusiasm and professionalism are great qualities to have in a music teacher.

I stayed with Stephanie for piano lessons because she truley fostered my child's unique way of learning music. Her encouragement is challenging yet keeps her motivated in her classes.

Working with Stephanie has been a great experience. She has been very accessible to any questions or concerns I may have and she is very professional.   Allison Pugh, parent of student

I have the opportunity to sing with Stephanie playing the grand piano in our church. Its incredible the way she seems to be able to play anything. During lessons she makes it all look so easy. I take weekly lessons now. I look forward to our time together. When I am feeling stressed from a hectic day at work or home (pick one with a home as full as mine sometimes work in an ICU is less stressful) I practice the piano & the stress seems to melt away. This is something I am doing for myself! A rare thing indeed. However, someday I hope to be good enough to do it for the Lord!!!

Serving Him,
Dawn E. Bishop, Adult Student

I have always loved the sound of music.  In fact, as a child I tried to teach myself to play the guitar.  However, without lesson, and no musical background, I failed to learn.  When I had kids and they started piano and guitar lessons, all it did was once again surface my love of playing an instrument. They took lessons for a few years, but then stopped.  Finally, after my children reached high school, I decided to scratch my itch that had been lingering for many, many years.  I started attending lessons with Stephanie.  How wonderful is she, so patient, kind, and amazingly motivating!! With as much talent as she has, to be so unbelievably positive, always seeing the good in what you have done, is a gift all in itself which calls me to continue to strive to do better.  With me taking lesson, I evidently aroused an unfinished music curiosity in my daughter, which had been started when she were in first grade, because she is now also taking piano lessons with Stephanie. 

When we first started taking, we had a 44 key keyboard, now we have finally upgrade to a digital piano.  It is now so much more fun to practice, with all the bells and whistles that technology offers. 

Being an athlete all my life, even into adulthood, and now actually finding something of my inner self that is calming and relaxing, but at the same time using some of the same thinking and competiveness that athletes have, truly balances the hard and the soft of a person.  I am so driven to learn how to play fluently.  The sound of the keys truly is music to my soul!!!!


Jodie Migues